Cathy’s Story

Cathy was sidelined with an illness that made her unable take medications for a period of several months. Because she suffered from migraines, Cathy combed the many homeopathic and natural medicine sites on the internet in search of a holistic cure. During her extensive research, one ingredient kept showing up in many of the remedies. That ingredient is ginger.

When Cathy decided to start a food-related business, she thought about the wonderful health benefits that were associated with this versatile herb. Everything from inflammation, stomach problems and even cancer, may be reduced by this powerful root. According to the University of Minnesota, ginger may slow the growth of colo-rectal cancer cells. A study by the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center discovered that ginger powder induces cell death in ovarian cancer cells whenever introduced. Ginger is a natural pain killer. It helps lessen the pain of migraines, assists people with gout to decrease uric acid build-up, and may even slow kidney damage in diabetics.

With all of those accolades – using ginger was a no brainer!

Cathy began experimenting with combinations of ginger mixed with other healthy spices to create her Ginger Pumpkin Spice. In the beginning, she sold the Ginger Pumpkin Spice in coffee drinks at a local farmers market. One day a person asked if she could purchase the spice mixture without the coffee. The next day Cathy began to bottle her spices for sale.

Now Cathy has several spices available in her collection and is trying out new combinations all of the time. Her newest beverages are Cathy’s Ginger Lemonade and Cathy’s Ginger Pineapple. Both are made with cold pressed ginger juice to retain all it’s healing qualities. Keep checking back for updates and new products.