Cathy’s Ginger Spices and More!

cathys ginger spices taste great and are healthy
Cathy’s Ginger Pumpkin Spice
will brighten up any hot beverage like coffee or tea, and is even more delicious in oatmeal or yogurt. Give a boost to most any baked product like breads or cookies with Ginger Pumpkin Spice. Get really creative and sprinkle the spice in casseroles or soups.

Cathy’s Ginger Basil Mint just screams for pasta, Greek or Italian food. Use this delicious spice to bring out the full flavor of vegetables or add it to your favorite salad. Ginger Basil Mint spice makes a great coating for baked chicken or pork.

Cathy’s Ginger Lemon is a tangy addition to steamed shrimp or mix it right into crab cakes. You will quickly discover that formerly boring tuna salad and broiled fish will find new popularity with Ginger Lemon. Add this zesty seasoning for a new twist on steamed vegetables.

Cathy’s Ginger Garlic with Shallots is sure to be a big hit in any kitchen. Shake this spice into all of those recipes where you would use garlic, which is a staple in most households. Pasta, chicken, fish, beef or pork will all benefit from this spice. Experiment in your kitchen and try Ginger Garlic with Shallots in chicken or vegetable soup.

Cathy’s Ginger Cinnamon with Chipotle is cinnamon blend with a zesty heat guaranteed to fire up your food and bring new life to tired meals. The idea was suggested by a local firefighter who cooks for his station. We honor our heroic first responders everywhere with this extraordinary flavor.

Cathy’s Ginger Apple with Rosemary Spice is made with local apples. We start with tart apples, and add rosemary and ginger. This spice can be used as a rub for pork and fish or a welcome addition to salads.

Cathy’s Ginger Lemonade, Ginger Pineapple and Ginger Iced Tea Lemonade drinks are a refreshing new take on summer beverages. These are flavorful thirst quenchers that will delight your taste buds.

Cathy’s Ginger Infused Oil is one of the newest items we offer. Whether you are cooking with the oil or eating it plain, it has a vibrant flavor like no other oil available.

Cathy’s Ginger Infused Balsamic Vinegar is an amazing balsamic vinegar with a delicious burst of ginger flavor. This tasty condiment was created to complement Cathy’s Ginger Infused Oil.

Cathy’s Ginger Infused Honey is the perfect addition to tea or put it on breakfast toast instead of jam. It is also ideal for a sore throat or allergies.

Cathy’s Ginger Chocolate Bark is a scrumptious combination of flavors in a smooth texture of Belgian chocolate. It is vegan and kosher.

cathys honey2
Cathy’s Cold Pressed Ginger Juice
is pure ginger in liquid form.

Cathy’s Ginger Tomato Basil Spice

Cathy’s Ginger Balsamic Reduction

Cathy’s Ginger Chews

Cathy’s Ginger Simple Syrup

Cathy’s Ginger Themed Gift Baskets are available and made from local businesses that have ginger in their products. Baskets are only available locally, in the Baltimore, MD metro area.