Cathy’s Ginger Cinnamon with Chipotle Spice

cathys cinnamon
Spicy food can energize your metabolism. Capsaicin, along with ginger, aids in your body burning calories immediately after a meal. Because chipotle, made from smoked jalapeño peppers, has less heat than some other peppers, makes chipotle popular with home cooks and chefs. With the heat it does have, this spice will still kick foods up a notch.

Spicing up your life is good for your heart. Hot peppers can help reduce cholesterol, triglyceride levels and increase your body’s ability to dissolve fibrin, a protein known to form blood clots.

Chipotle has an added bonus. This versatile spice can also help control weight loss by improving circulation and your metabolism.

The BBC News has reported that capsaicin in peppers instigates cancer cell suicide. In a study at Nottingham University, scientists gave capsaicin to pancreatic and lung cancer patients and saw a marked improvement in cancer cell death.

Try Cathy’s Cinnamon with Chipotle Spice as a rub on your favorite meat, chicken or fish. Sprinkle the spice in hot or cold soups like gazpacho. Any food you put on the grill that needs a little kick of smoky flavor, will be enhanced from this spice.

We would love to hear how you decided to use this piquant addition to your favorite foods.

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