Cathy’s Ginger Infused Honey

cathys honey
Honey is one of those products that is a staple in every kitchen. Whether you need to sweeten your tea or are making sweet treats for the holidays and beyond, honey is a must have in any kitchen.

We use so much that we decided to make our own with our favorite ingredient – ginger.  We carefully heat the finest local orange blossom honey with fresh ginger for the perfect time period until we got the most flavorful infusion.

A sore throat or bad allergies are no match for our Cathy’s Ginger Infused Honey. This is just what your throat needs. We can barely keep up with the demand as our customers are clamoring for more. Our 4 oz. reusable mason jar is the perfect size for gifts and our 6 oz. is a keeper.

We want to hear how you use our Ginger Infused Honey. Leave us a comment or post on our Cathy’s Ginger Spices Facebook page.

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