Cathy’s Ginger Lemon Spice

You have never tasted anything quite like Cathy’s Ginger Lemon Spice. We have created a unique blend of ginger, hand sliced, dehydrated and ground California lemons, coarse ground pepper and a touch of parsley to round out the flavor structure.

Ginger and citrus are both being touted as the new super foods. Bringing them together in a spice was an obvious choice.

Ginger is an antioxidant and has a long tradition of alleviating stomach conditions. It can calm the effects of morning sickness and is completely safe for expectant mothers. Ginger is also an anti-inflammatory and can help reduce pain and increase mobility. According to a study by the University of Maryland School of Medicine, this was true in 75% of arthritis patients and 100% of those with muscular discomfort.

Citrus peel has been shown to help regulate blood pressure and fight against cancer. It is high in calcium, which helps maintain bone density. Lemon peel also protects against bacterial infections and has a strong anti-depressive effect.

These spices are amazing on any fish or seafood product. Try using it on steamed shrimp or crabs, any fresh fish choice or in our tuna sandwiches. It is also excellent on edamame, in soups or casseroles.

We would love to hear how you decided to use the best new spice mix on the market.

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